An Immersive magic experience


An expert returns to Los Angeles.

"Borrowed Time" - An immersive evening of magic with one of the most

unique close-up artists in the world. 

For the first time, since starring in his critically acclaimed two-man show "Nothing to Hide", Helder Guimarães is debuting a limited engagement magic experience unlike anything that's been seen before. Merging art, theater and Helder's sleight of hand virtuosity in a secret location, "Borrowed Time" promises to transport its very intimate audience to a space where anything is possible and magic is real.



Borrowed Time


Written, Created, Directed and Magic by Helder Guimarães

Creative Director / Catarina Marques

Music / Pedro Marques

Technical Director / Jose De La Torre III

Host / David Antonio

Ghost Artist / David Spafford

Executive Producers / David Lara & Liseth De La Torre

Producers / Helder Guimaraes, Catarina Marques, Liseth De La Torre, David Lara,

James Lara, Alex Ortiz, Joyce Lara, Tatiana Malcomson & Phil Malcomson

Special Thanks / Will Houstoun, Philipp Tawfik, Tânia Dinis, Jorge Quintela, Max Mednik, Thom Denick, Robert Lara, Luis Pedro Cardoso & Brad Fulton