"Borrowed Time will leave you astonished" - LA TIMES Critic's Choice (read full article)

"A Mind-Blowing Magic Show" - LA WEEKLY (read full article)

"Open your mind to a hidden world" - LA MAGAZINE (read full article)

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"Captivating! Dazzling! Wondrous!" The New York Times

"Clever! Surprising! Incredible!" - Entertainment Weekly

"Remarkable! Skillful! Masterful!" - Time Out

"Gasp again and again." - Variety

An amazing and memorable journey into a world of pure astonishment.” - Broadway World

“Helder's sleight of hand boggles the mind!” - Huffington Post

“Wowing the crowd with card tricks that tell a story.” - TED2014

At the risk of contributing to the world's surplus of overstatement, let me leave it at this: If you think it's possible to have your mind blown, buy a ticket — and strap a plastic bag to the back of your head. This is as good as card-magic gets.” - Village Voice